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Effective bridal software is best understood by those who understand the industry. Bridal Web Solutions has a market-leading suite of features handcrafted by bridal store owners, and has been helping bridal entrepreneurs across the US and Canada since 2006!

Appointment Booking

Unlock seamless coordination and enhanced client engagement in your bridal business with our intuitive appointment booking feature. This powerful tool streamlines the scheduling process, allowing your team to focus on providing personalized attention and unforgettable experiences for every bride-to-be. 

Customer Management

Our customer management tool simplifies how you connect with your bridal clients. It helps you keep track of their style preferences, manage follow-ups easily, and tailor your approach for each bride. This feature makes it straightforward to offer a personal touch that keeps your clients happy and coming back.

SMS and Emailing

Reach out and keep in touch with brides easily with our SMS and email marketing features. Send updates, appointment reminders, and special offers directly to their phones and inboxes. This direct line of communication is a simple and efficient way to boost your bridal store's engagement and customer satisfaction.

Employee Management

Our bridal software includes an employee management feature that makes supervising your team straightforward and effective. Schedule shifts, assign tasks, and track performance, all in one place. This streamlined approach to staff management helps ensure that your bridal store operates smoothly, providing the best service to every client.

Centralized Ordering
& Inventory

Don't let the chaos of inventory management stop you from making more sales. Keep your bridal shop organized and well-stocked with centralized ordering and inventory. These features of our bridal software allow you to track your stock levels, place orders efficiently, and avoid over or under-stocking. It simplifies inventory control, ensuring you always have the right gowns and accessories on hand for your clients.

Unlimited Stores* & Users

What good would our platform be if it didn't help you scale your bridal shop empire? Grow your business without limitations - our software supports unlimited stores* and users, accommodating your expansion plans without a hitch.

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Premium Plan Needed

Premium Plan Needed

Premium Plan Needed

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